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大家好,五月六日17:00 UTC,我们将主持我们的第四个实际操作事件。为了改变,我们决定在美国卡车模拟器上举办这一活动。在这次活动中,我们的员工团队将在下面的路线上创造真实的事件。请注意,卡车是唯一的车辆允许使用的事件期间,侦察车将无法使用。你可以看到在当地时间的时间在NoTime.Stand,这里。现实事件作为自定义道路工程,警察/边境管制,假事故和大量的警察部队SH。由于路线。确定你的行为举止,否则你会被拉倒的!这些随机事件将由我们的员工团队和我们的员工团队创建,没有玩家干扰。在这一事件中,将没有护航队长。你可以独自驾驶,或者在计划的路线上和一群朋友一起开车,同时体验我们的员工团队模拟的更高水平的现实主义。你可以轻松地休息或者不停地开车。也许如果你参加了一个挑战,为什么你不做同样的回报?由你决定!大概的结束时间是3小时后,这取决于剩下的工作人员和有多少球员还在开车。路线信息:在事件发生期间可以驱动两条不同的路线,你会发现在这些路线的每一条路上都会发生现实事件。请注意,有多个起始地点,如洛杉矶、拉斯维加斯、El Cisto、圣地亚哥和卡尔斯巴德。如果在初始城市中看到大量的玩家,你可以毫不犹豫地切换到另一个城市作为起点。路线1:HTTPS://IMGURUR.COM/XYRVEV6PNGLUTE 2:HTTPS://I.MGURUR.COM/G16DCES.PNGLUTE 3:HTTPS://I.GGURUR.COM/T9NDUIIA.PNG.此事件将在一个专用事件服务上实现R,将在我们的抽搐频道抽搐。电视/卡车。享受,TruckersMP Team。


TruckersMP Real Operations V4

Hello everyone,On the 6th of May at 17:00UTC we will be hosting our fourth Real Operations event. For a change, we have decided to hold this event on American Truck Simulator. During this event, our staff team will be creating realistic events on the routes shown below. Please note, trucks are the only vehicles allowed to be used by players during the event, the scout cars will not be able to be used.You can see the time in your local time at, here.Realistic events as custom roadworks, police/border controls, fake accidents and a lot of police force showing on the route. Make sure you behave, or you might get pulled over! These random events will be created by our staff team and by our staff team only, no player interference. During this event, there will be no convoy leader. You could drive alone, or drive with a bunch of friends on the planned route while experiencing a higher level of realism simulated by our staff team. You can take a break easily or drive non-stop. Perhaps if you're up for a challenge, why don't you do the return as well? It is up to you! The approximate end time is 3 hours later, it depends on how much staff there is left and how many players are still driving.Route Information:A couple different routes can be driven during the period of the event, you will find realistic events occurring on each of these routes. Please note, there are multiple starting locations such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, El Centro, San Diego, and Carlsbad. If you see a large amount of players in the initial city that you spawn in, don't hesitate to switch to another city as a starting point.Route 1: 2: 3: event will on a dedicated event server and will be streamed on our twitch channel,TruckersMP Team
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